Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27th, 2016: FISHING REPORT:

There is a great bite at Zipple Bay right now in 20-24'.  We have been spending our mornings and evenings at Pine Island in 7-14' slow drifting jigs.  Lots of nice eater fish coming out of there, providing our groups with a great fish fry for shore lunch or dinner!  If you're able to make the trek up to Knight or Bridges we have been seeing a lot of nice slot Walleyes in 20-27'. 

The hot colors are gold, white,  chartreuse, orange and gold, and a combination of purple, gold, and pink on the cloudy days!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The first report of the season is in!
Fishing in 17-19' of water in Four Mile Bay with orange, gold, or pink jigs tipped with frozen shiners is producing nice eaters and a many slot Walleyes. Also, right in front of Morris Point has been decent in about 14-16'.
We've got our first guided trip tomorrow! Captain Brent is more than ready!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dustin and Jason have been staying with us for just over a week now and believe us, they have plenty more pictures of beautiful fish they've caught and released throughout their stay! Nice work boys! Thank you for your business! Keep on, keepin' on!

Unfortunately, Bostic Bay still has a little bit of ice which makes the access to Lake of the Woods a no go. Many people have been putting their boats in at Wheeler's Point, Timber Mill Park, and Birchdale, just to name a few. The water clarity is getting better and with the warm temps next week the water temp should go up a few degrees as well. The Walleye bite has been a consistent one.  Many eater fish (14-18")  with a couple beautiful trophy Walleyes! The Sturgeon bite has been great up and down the Rainy River as well.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

As March continues to heat up our road is becoming a bit sloppy with standing water and slush. However, we do still have 18-20" of ice where we are traveling and fishing. These next couple days are going to be the deciding factor in whether we will be fishing this weekend or not. We are expecting rain showers throughout the day today and a high of 43 degrees.

As of today (3/8), we are no longer allowing 1 ton trucks on our road. 3/4 tons are able to h...aul up to 16' only and 1/2 tons are able to haul up to 21'. Please stay in touch as these guidelines may change in the next couple days.

Fishing has been a bit spotty. Some groups have been limiting out while others have only been able to catch a couple for dinner. Staying aggressive is key.

It won't be too long until we are open water fishing! Beginning April 1-May 9 ALL Cyrus Resort cabins are just $45 per person, per night!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We have opened our road to all 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton trucks. HOWEVER, 1/2 ton trucks are the ONLY trucks able to haul up to 21' wheelhouses.

We have plowed multiple rows about 10 miles from the lodge for wheelhouses to set up if they wish. We currently have about 16-20" of ice where we are traveling and fishing. Our ice road is a total of 13.6 miles from the lodge.

Fishing has been a little slow but, every day is a new day! Being aggressive and persistent, along with using electronics is vital during this time.

Good luck out there! Stay warm and fish on!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Fishing has slowed down a bit since the beginning of the season. You have to work to get your bucket full but, as long as your're working for it you'll come back to shore with about 12-18 fish in the pail. We are having a lot more luck with the smaller jigs (glow worms, flying ants, mouse traps, jig n eye, etc.) topped with small minnows. Orange/black, pink, gold, and glow colors are hot! A lot of good dinner Saugers to be caught and some nice slot Walleyes!

We are still only allowing up to 3/4 ton trucks out but, they cannot haul anything. 1/2 ton trucks are able to haul wheel houses 16' and under. We have a plowed ice road out about 9 miles from the lodge and 8 miles from Morris Point.

There's currently 14-16" of ice where we are traveling and fishing but, we are still finding areas with 10" off of our plowed road. Once again, use caution and stay on the staked trail. Good luck out there!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Today we have opened our road up to 3/4 ton trucks. Unfortunately, we are not allowing any 1 tons quite yet. All 1/2 ton trucks are able to haul out wheelhouses 16' and under but, nothing can be hauled in the beds of the trucks.

We have plowed rows for wheelhouses to set up if they wish, about 6 miles out. Our road is a total of 9 miles out from the lodge.

We currently have 14-16" of ice. There are some spots just off of our road where we are finding about 10" so we ask that you stay close to the areas that we have plowed and to use caution.
Fishing has been picking up the deeper we go. We are in about 33-34' right now. Flying ants topped with minnow heads are on fire and the hot colors are pink and gold.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



We will be opening our ice road up to all half ton trucks. RESTRICTIONS: All portables must be hauled in the bed of the truck, NO trailers OR wheelhouses can be attached to the trucks and NO ATV's in the bed of the trucks.

We are allowing wheelhouses out that have an actual manufacturer size of 16' or less. They MUST be hauled out with small vehicles (jeeps, geos, trackers, etc.). 
We have about 12.5-15" of ice where we are traveling and fishing. Our ice road is about 6-7 miles out from the lodge (roughly 5.5 miles from Pine Island). Fishing has been a little slower due to the low temps. We are expecting temps to climb near 30 degrees this week so, hopefully the bite picks back up. 
Please, respect the road when you are using it. Do not exceed speeds of 20 mph and stay on the staked trail.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Unfortunately, we have nothing new to report. We are still seeing anywhere from 11-14" of ice on the bay and lake. We are allowing vehicles 5000 lbs. or less out (small SUV's, trackers, jeeps, etc.) and wheelhouses 16' or less. ALL wheelhouses must be hauled out with an ATV.

As soon as we see a steady 15-18" of ice we will open the road up to trucks and wheelhouses. We would love to open the road up (trust us) but, safety first!

We are fishing in depths of 27-32' and the hot colors are gold, pink, chartreuse, and 1/8 oz. white.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Beware...beauties ahead!


Cyrus Resort's ice road is NOW open to all small SUV's and vehicles with a GVWR of 5000 lbs or less. We are also allowing wheelhouses out BUT, no bigger than 16' and they MUST be hauled out with an ATV.

There is anywhere from 10.5-14" of ice on the bay and lake. We ask that guests using the ice road stick to a speed limit of 10 MPH and not to vere from the staked trail.

The fish bite has been a little slow because of the low temps but, with consistancy in tempratures we expect the bite to pick back up here soon.

We will not be letting out any half ton trucks quite yet. We are waiting for a solid and consistant 15" of ice before we do so.